Lisa Hein & Robert Seng

Jello Brick Window
Storefront window to "Checkered History" exhibition, Outpost, NYC 2015. Jello bricks and gypsum mortar cooked and layered on site. Decay attacks older layers even while construction continues on top.

Irrigation installation: 6' fence with impact sprinklers thrashing inside. Interior lighting illuminates traveling plumes of spray. Yaddo, 2012.

Tree Roast/ Snow Dome
Installation for Georgetown Glow, December 12-14, 2014.
Canal Square, Washington, DC

Mirror spangled tree turns on rotisserie under spotlights, creating snow-flurry effect

7 Blades
50-second video of immersive light and sound installation with hacked ceiling fans. Parts shuffled and swapped for eccentric behavior. Art 101, Brooklyn, 2014

Blue in the Face
60 second document of storefront lighting animation with neon and icicle lights. Glaciers recede on left, waters rise on right. Incident Report Viewing Station, Hudson, NY 2010

Skull Theater
Project for a head-shaped gallery in a theater lobby. Two curtains enclose spaces shaped like halves of the brain. One contains a suspended blanket with a hole torn out; bright and dark clouds flicker through. The other contains two disco lights cross wired with two speakers. When disco ball lights up at one end, party-chatter audio cuts to the other end. Every 10 seconds, the party moves on. Long Island University, Brooklyn 2008

Dust Bustier
Storefront installation, DUST, Las Vegas

Jello Brick Wall
Scenes of construction process during 3-month exhibition. Exit Art, NY 2003